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because art is empathy





Pocket Change is a Boston-based literary magazine with three missions. The first is to publish a quality digital magazine that promotes thoughtful and evocative stories, poetry, essays, and art. The second (and arguably the most important) is to raise money for causes we believe in. We’ll trade you art for your dollars and your money will go directly to the designated charity. The final goal is to build a community of like-minded writers and artists who know their work can be part of something bigger. At its best, art is empathy.

Past issues have benefited the ACLU, The Syria Fund, Inc. and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting via the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Ctr. of Central Florida, Inc.

We utilize CrowdRise, “the world’s #1 fundraising site for charitable causes,” and link the purchase of our literary magazine through them to the charity we’ve chosen for that issue. Simply follow our link to purchase your copy. We’ll send you to the CrowdRise page, where you’ll enter your information and payment ($10 minimum). Once you’re done, CrowdRise will send you an email with a link to our full-color digital download, which you can read on your computer, your tablet, your Kindle. Donating through CrowdRise is safe, easy, and 97% of your donation goes directly to the cause (including credit card fees).


Submit to our Spring 2018 issue.

Theme: Rebirth and Renewal

Deadline: April 20

Cause: Foundation for Puerto Rico
Here at Pocket Change, we’re committed to publishing quality, evocative works. We aim to give voice to emerging and established writers alike. Though we publish stories, essays, poetry, and art of all genres, we encourage contributors to keep the issue’s theme in mind as we give special consideration to works that reflect the theme in both bold and nuanced ways.

You may submit up to:


3 long-form pieces that are:

  • under 4,000 words (each)

  • stand-alone works, if excerpted from a novel or script

  • double-spaced


and/or 3 short-form pieces that are:

  • under 5 pages (each), if poetry

  • under 500 words (each), if flash fiction

  • original artwork or photography

We’re happy to consider digital submissions that don’t adhere to traditional classification or formatting. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged under the condition that you notify us if a piece you’ve submitted to Pocket Change has been accepted elsewhere. You can expect a response from us within 3-4 months.

Young Voices Submissions

Writers under 18 years old are invited to submit their pieces to be featured in our Young Voices section. You have stories to tell, too; send us your best.

Spring 2018 Cause:
Foundation for Puerto Rico

Please send your work to us via email through the "Submit" button below. Please include a short biography or introduction in your email (let us get to know you!), and then copy your work into the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened. If you are a visual artist, please send us a link to an online portfolio, or paste an image directly into the email.

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